Department for International Cooperation


The Department for International Cooperation is specialized in three main fields, international project development, (2) project management, and (3) scientific research and analysis. Having the relevant experience in all these fields, the staff of the international department is being continuously involved in several projects running under the FP7 INCO programme. Within these projects we execute various tasks, such as analyses on bi- or multilateral STI cooperation, mapping of stakeholders, hosting scientific and networking events, communication activities.

We are experienced in managing the calls and grants scheme for participation of researchers at Brokerage Events; systematic scanning of BEs and scientific conferences, preparing a call for researchers who aim to attend events, evaluating their proposal and facilitating their attendance.


InnoMedia (H2020-INNOSUP-05-2016-2017, Project number: 757400)
Network for European Research and Innovation acceleration in the US (H2020-SC6-ENG-GLOBALLY-2016)
Centre for Europe-Brazil Business and Innovation Cooperation (H2020-SC6-ENG-GLOBALLY-2016-2017)
STI International Cooperation Network for Eastern Partnership Countries (PLUS IncoNet EaP PLUS H2020-INT-INCO-2015; Grant agreement no: 692471)
Enhanced bi-regional STI cooperation between the EU and the Black Sea Region (Black Sea Horizon; H2020-INT-INCO-2014; Grant Agreement no: 645785)
SEA-EU-NETEU-ASEAN Scientific &Technological cooperation to jointly tackle societal challenges (SEA-EU-NET II; FP7-INCO-2012-1; Grant agreement no: 311784)
EUInternational Cooperation Network for the Danube Region (Danube-INCO.NET; FP7-INCO-2013-1; Grant agreement no: 609497)
DEMO Breeding Blanket development
Fascinating World of Researchers in the Age of Technology 2016/2017 – The New Generation of Innovators (FAWORIT 2016-2017; H2020-MSCA-NIGHT 2016)
Strengthening Research and Innovation Links towards Ukraine (RI-LINKS2UA; Grant agreement no: 692476)


Buday, Zita
Gaál, Tekla
Dorogi, Ildikó
E-mail: zita.buday@rcisd.euE-mail: tekla.gaal@rcisd.euE-mail:
Dávid, Ádám