Department for Management and Consultancy

Facilitator of Regional Innovation / Enhancing Regional Innovation

The Regional Centre for Information and Scientific Development (RCISD) is an active actor in tailor made costumer oriented services helping SME-s in in the convergence regions, but also in the highly developed Central Hungarian Region too, to receive resources for innovation (social innovation included) and development; mainly from the Structural Funds, but from national funds too.

The mission of RCISD is to foster the development of those economic circumstances which are needed for the growth, cooperation and stability of the enterprises by unfolding and utilizing the inner resources as effectively as possible. In consideration of the significant role in economic growth, employment and high growth potential, RCISD focuses significantly to the development of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and also to the academic-industrial cooperation. The Centre adapts flexibly to clients’ needs, ensuring high quality services and facilitating the knowledge-based, innovation-lead, intensively growing initiatives.

The Regional Centre – beyond its own research and development activities – gives assistance primarily in the access to advanced business counselling and in the forming process of network cooperation. RCISD is specialized in high-quality counselling, knowledge sharing and abilities which are crucial in the functioning of enterprises and research entities. The Centre offers services which facilitate the access to the market and give other information, such as the possible access to development sources. In order to improve the partners’ general preparedness and easing their access to the proper information for their improvement, the Centre’s guarantees the broad palette of unique and personal services.

The Regional Centre will facilitate the enterprises’ network cooperation and urge the broadening of both the demand and the supply sides of the innovation services. RCISD assists in the development of the region’s economy and competitiveness in the following ways:

RCISD’s concrete tasks are the sharing of up-to-date knowledge and counselling for enterprises, local governments and non-governmental organizations in the above mentioned fields:

  • research & development
  • incubation consulting and services
  • project management
  • innovation marketing services
  • searching for investors and partners, mediation
  • project preparation
  • technological consulting
  • enterprise management consulting, mentoring
  • coordination of project teams, consortia
  • legal and financial consulting
  • IT services
  • PR background, organizing conferences, catering etc.
  • preparing of marketing studies
  • preparing viability studies according to the project
  • market research, preparing market study, questing after international market opportunities
  • research, preparing studies for enterprises, local governments and non-governmental organizations
  • technical assistance provided by RCISD to enhance Horizon 2020 participation:
    • company registration
    • project registration
    • validation



Qualification & experience:

RCISD staff has participated in the preparation of the National Reform Programme (formulation of national contribution to the EU 2020 goals), in the planning of the Hungarian position paper concerning the Common Strategic Framework and the National Smart Specialisation Strategy (S3), furthermore in the planning and implementation of the Higher Education Development part of the Social Renewal / Human Resources Operative Programme (TÁMOP/EFOP) financed by the European Structural Funds. Our employees were also involved in the implementation (including thematic, financial and administrative management) of European transnational and interregional projects (i.e. Central Europe, INTERREG IVC, URBACT) founded by the European Regional Development Fund. RCISD has participated in several FP7 projects and is already participating in Horizon 2020.


Main activities in international projects:

  • STI barometer: developing a survey about the framework conditions and cooperation opportunities of STI; consolidation of the results via focus group meetings and deep interviews
  • Managing the participation of researchers at Brokerage Events: systematic scanning of BEs and scientific conferences, preparing a call for researchers who aim to attend events, evaluating their proposal and facilitating their attendance
  • Organizing in house trainings and webinars for enterprises and researchers interested in participating in H2020 proposals: trainings providing practical and hands-on knowledge on proposal writing (including hints on evaluation criteria, consortium building, etc.) and project management (incl. management, communication and dissemination, financial rules, etc.) under H2020
  • Quality assurance with the involvement of external reviewersto ensure that the project is achieving its object
  • R&I policy mix peer review; to set up a mechanism to allow the exchange of good practices on innovation support; programme and instruments portfolios, incentive schemes and support structures, funding bodies and institutional set-up, framework conditions for R&I
  • Organisation of events and workshops, e.g. academia – industry cooperation, smart specialisation, triple helix workshop, dissemination events, etc.
  • Exploration of the R&I programmes; best practises and possible pitfalls, lessons learnt, etc.


Successful regional projects with active assistance of RCISD in the preparatory phase:

  • Development of European-based application package of Open Document Format applying new software quality assurance and mobile technologies (Economic Development Operational Programme; call for Supporting Market Oriented R&D)
  • Development of General-purpose analysing tool for modeling spreadsheet applications (Economic Development Operational Programme; call for Complex Technology Development of SME-s)
  • Development of industrial-scale thin-film layers for optical mapping (National Fund for Research, Development and Innovation, call for Supporting Market Oriented R&D in the Central Hungarian Region)
  • “Knocking on your Door” – Development of Integrated Family Oriented Services (Social Renewal Operational Programme; call for Strengthening the Social Inclusion)
  • Infrastructure Development at the Blauform Ltd (Central Hungary Operational Programme; call for Complex Technology Development of SME-s in the Central Hungarian region)


Trainings & workshops

Detailed information about our trainings & workshops here.


Skublicsné Manninger, Alexandra