Webinar on ‘How to reinforce the involvement of research oriented SMEs to Horizon2020?’

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Webinar on ‘How to reinforce the involvement of research oriented SMEs to Horizon2020?’
In the frame of the BILAT-UKR*AINA project a joint follow-up webinar of the Summer School (organised in September 2014) and  the 2nd Stakeholder Forum (in January 2015) was held with the participation of approximately 15 Ukrainian (and also Moldovan) researchers on Tuesday, 3rd March 2015. The successful webinar dealt with the facilitation of SME participation in Horizon 2020 in order to reinforce cooperation between academia and industry. 


Ms Ágnes Divinyi, the Hungarian SME Instrument NCP gave a general overview about the programme. The scale of Technology Readiness Level (TRL) and the three phases of SME Instrument were introduced in details by the Hungarian NCP.


Mr Gergely Mészáros, the Hungarian Desk-officier for EUREKA-EUROSTARS presented the objectives and the possibilities for SMEs in the frame of EUREKA and EUROSTARS.


Mr Wojciech Gołębiowski, the representative of SKA Polska, elaborated a case study by their research oriented SME involved Horizon2020 SME Instrument Phase 2. Success factors and hints of applicaton and participation were provided by the speaker.


The Romanian project partner of BILAT-UKR*AINA project, Mr Daniel Cosnita (IPA), provided a brief overview of the activities of the Enterprise Europe Network.


After the presentations the participants had the possibility to raise questions regarding the presentation.

Including others, the main questions of the researchers were the following:

  • Are Ukrainian SMEs eligible to participate in the SME Instrument?
  • Are the application templates for SME Instrument different from other calls?
  • Is it correct, that the SME NCP in Ukraine is still located in Simferopol?
  • Are there any possibilities for participants from third countries (as Moldova) to join EUREKA consortium?

Presentations are available (in PDF):

  1. Overview of the SME Instrument in H2020, hints on Hungarian good practices by Ms Ágnes Divinyi, SME Instrument NCP Hungary
  2. Presentation of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN)by Mr Daniel Cosnita, IPA, Regional Contact Point, Romania
  3. Introduction to EUREKA – general overviewby Mr Gergely Mészáros, Desk-officier EUREKA-EUROSTARS Hungary
  4. Case study by a research oriented SME involved in such programmeby Mr Wojciech Gołębiowski, SKA Polska, Poland

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