RCISD is an innovative SME, founded by scientists and R&D managers to carry out scientific research but also for participating in coordinating & support actions, furthermore being a kind of back office where the management R&D activities can be outsourced.

Although RCISD is involved mainly in management and implementation of R&D projects including mapping, social and political analysis, etc., it is participating in the research activities too. The flexibility of the SME makes it possible being a major contributor to a research by employing R&D personnel for the duration of a project. Coordination and support (organisation of a workshop or a reception, etc.) is much easier in a small company then in large research entities like a university or a research centre.

As a well established platform for regional and international cooperation RCISD is particularly interested in contributing to the development and integration of support strategies and decision making practices in strategic international cooperation projects too.



Company Management

Skublicsné Manninger, AlexandraManaging Director
Kardon, BélaChief Scientific Officer



Scientific Advisory Board

Mezey, Paulchair, mathematical chemistryMemorial University
of Newfoundland
Daranyi, Sandorinformation science and digital libraryUniversity of Boras
Jordan, Ferencsystem biologyWissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin
Kampis, Georgeembedded intelligence and
complex systems
DFKI German Research
Centre for Artificial Intelligence
Pazmany, TamaspharmaceuticsGedeon Richter Plc.